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Премия рунета 2017

Sustainable Forestry, №1 (49), 2017

Forest policy for modern Russia

Regional conference «Sustainable and Multipurpose Forest Management: administration of law and management, problems and solutions»

E. Kulikova, Cand. Biol. Sc., European Forest Institute; T. Ivannikova, N. Shmatkov, WWF-Russia

Interview with participants of the workshop «Opportunities for Sustainable Forestry in Intensively Managed Forests: German experience»

Business and sustainable forest management

Recommendations of the r «Improvement of Logging and Timber Trade in Russia. Russian and International experience»

Results of the survey «USAIS Forest Efficiency and Development Prospects»

E. Popova, WWF-Russia, A. Voropaev, GFTN-Russia, G. Simeon, WWF-US, N. Shmatkov, WWF-Russia

Wood Consumption Legality Control System development

A.K. Kuritsyn, A.A. Kuritsyn, Lesexpert LLC, N. Shmatkov, WWF-Russia

Practical aspects and standards of sustainable forest management for bioenergetics and biofuel production

A. Krivoshein, Syktyvkar Forest Institute

Forest certification

Ecological requirements to biofuel supplies to EU countries: what should Russian exporters expect. Interview with A.V. Ptichnikov, Executive Director of FSC Regional office for Russia and CIS countries

Prospects of ecofuel certification in Russia for foreign markets

A. Voropaev, GFTN-Russia, Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences

Interview with participants of the roundtable «New FSC Certification Requirements towards Intact Forest Landscapes Preservation their Implementation»

Global Forest & Trade Network: 16 years in Russia. Interview with top managers of GFTN-Russia member companies regarding the process of the new Russian national FSC standard development and vital forest business problems

To be remembered

Vasiliy Andreevich Tikhonov (1849-1913)

V. Teplyakov, Cand. Agr. Sc., Assoc. Prof.

New publications

Practical aspects of thinning and salvage logging in the Russian Far East: legal cover for illegal logging


II International scientific and technical conference «Forests of Russia: Policy, Industry, Science, Education»

V. Shalaev, Russian member of IUFRO International Council, Prof. N.E. Bauman MSTU (Mytishchi branch)