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Премия рунета 2017

Sustainable Forestry, №1 (57) 2019

Forest Policy for Modern Russia

Joint Position Paper by WWF Russian and Greenpeace on Spawning Protective Forest Belts and Their Importance for Protection of Valuable Fish Species

Forest and Climate

Assessment of Potential for Increase of Greenhouse Gases Sequestration by Forests of the Central European Russia

K. Kobyakov, WWF Russia; S. Titova, the institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences; N. Shmatkov, WWF Russia; V. Korotkov, Institute for Global Climate and Environment; R. Kazakov, National Organization for Support for Carbon Sequestration Projects

Global Climate Change and Its Influence of Canadian Forest Sector: adaptation measures

A. Grigoriev, Social and Environmental Union

Forest certification

To the Regional Methodology for Identification of 3-rd Type High Conservation Value Forests (rare ecosystems and habitats) in the Altay Krai

D. Zolotov, Institute for Problems of Water and Environment for the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences; D. Kuzmenkin, the State Nature Zapovednik “Tigereksky”; A. Gribkov, the group for civil monitoring of environment and forest protection of the People’s Front “For Russia” in the Altay Krai

Audit of Integrated Management System for Forest Industries

V. Zablotskaya, NEPCon; S. Mandybura, Seti Enterprise

Business and Sustainable Forest Management

Intermediate Loggings in Nut harvesting Zones

E. Titov, Voronezh State Forest University


Opportunities for Continuous Cover Forestry in Finland and in Russia

D. Dobrynin, Eastern Finland University



IV Research Conference “Forests of Russia: policy, industry, science, education”


New Publications

Methodology and Recommendations for Intact Forest Landscapes Zoning in the Siberia Federal Okrug