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Премия рунета 2017

Sustainable Forestry, №1 (60) 2020

Forest Policy for Modern Russia

Climate Protection Forests and Environmental Security of Russia. Recommendations from the round table

Intensive Forest Management. Is it Possible in the Russian North? Report on a Field Workshop on Sustainable Intensive Forest Management in the Komi Republic

A. Krivoshein, Ministry of Industry of the Komi Republic

Yu. Pautov, A. Borovlev, Silver Taiga Foundation for Sustainable Development

Assessment of the Longterm Effect of Clearcuts on Water Resources on Middle Taiga Subzone of the Komi Republic

High Precision Forestry and Digital Forest Management: finnish technologies and opportunities to transfer them to Russia

E. Lopatin, LUKE, D. Dobrynin, Eastern Finland University, D. Baranov, Forgis Oy., E. Tarasenko ‘Aviatsionnye Roboty’ LLC, I. Novoselov, WhatWood Agency

5 Years Anniversary of the Boreal Forest Platform

A. Kostenko, WWF Russia, B. Romanyk, St. Petersburg Forestry Research Institute

Lumberjacks and Forest Lovers in the Land of Legends: how WWF and IKEA brought together nature conservation and business in Maramuresh, Romania helping to preserve one of the last remaining old-growth forest in Europe

G. Wulford

Forest Certification

FSC Russia Strategic Development Plan till 2022

Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) and FSC Certified Forest Management

D. Dobrynin, Eastern Finland University, E. Smirennikova, Center for the Complex Research in Arctic, Russian Academy of Sciences, A. Voropaev, WWF Russia

New Publications

New book on International Union of the Forestry Research Organizations