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Премия рунета 2017

Sustainable Forestry, №2 (46) 2016

Forest policy in modern Russia

Boreal Forests and Global Changes

C. Gautier, P. Bernier, Laurentian Forestry Centre (Canada); T. Kuuluvainen, University of Helsinki; A. Shvidenko, international Institute for Applied System Analysis, V.N. Sukachev Institute of Forest, D. Shchepashchenko, international Institute for Applied System Analysis, Moscow State Forest University

European Forest Institute: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

E. Kulikova, Cand. Biol. Sc., European Forest Institute

Annual Conference of the European Forest Institute and Forest Policy International Workshop

M. Chubynsky, Cand.Biol.Sc., International Center for Forestry and Forest Industry; O Shaitarova, Cand.Ec.Sc., S.M. Kirov Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical University

Identification Methodology of Most Prospective Forest Sites for Effective Sustainable Forest Management

E.Lopatin, Dr.Agr.Sc. (Finland), Cand.Agr.Sc. (Russia), leading researcher of the Institute of Natural Resources of Finland, scientific supervisor of Project

Update on the Habitat of Georgian Box (Buxus colchica) in the Northern Macroslope of the Western Caucasus for Establishing Forest Genetic Reserves under Box Tree Moth Spreading

V.Shchurov, Cand.Biol.Sc., A. Bondarenko, Cand.Biol.Sc., E. Zhukov, Cand.Biol.Sc., V. Shelest, Cand.Biol.Sc., N. Alentiev, Cand.Biol.Sc., M. Skvortsov, S. Mukhina, Russian Forest Protection Centre

Business and Sustainable Forestry

Ways to Preserve Forest Environment and Patchiness of Forest Landscapes at Wood Harvesting

O. Ilyina, A. Rodionov, Cand.Tech.Sc., NGO Northern Environmental Coalition (SPOK).

Forest Certification

Intact Forest Landscapes in the Altai-Sayan Ecoregion: Analysis of the State and Conservation Opportunities

O. Antamoshkina, Cand.Biol.Sc., A. Bryukhanov, V.N. Sukachev Institute of the RAS Siberian Department; N.Trofimova, Altai-Sayan office of WWF-Russia


News from the International Union of Forest Research Organizations

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Timber Export from the Far East of Russia in 2004–2014