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Премия рунета 2017

Sustainable Forestry, №2 (54) 2018

Forest Certification

Dependence of FSC Certified Russian Logging Companies from Intact Forest Landscapes

E. Lopatin (LUKE), Yu. Skorozhonok (Forgis), D. Dobrynin (WWF-Russia), K. Kobyakov (WWF-Russia), V. Gerasimov (FSC Russia), A. Ptichnikov (Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences); N. Shmatkov (WWF-Russia)

Forest and climate

Uptake of CO2 by Russian Forests in the Context of the Paris Agreement.

A. Kokorin and D. Lugovaya (WWF-Russia)

Business and Sustainable Forest Management

Identification of the most Sustainable methods of Sustainable Logging Practices for Multiage Stands and Intact Forest Landscapes in the Russian Far East

A. Alexeenko and A. Kovalev (Science and Research Institute for forestry in the Russian Far East)   

Lessons Learned in Preservation of a Rare Lichen

Lobaria pulmonaria by FSC Certification

Effects of Logging on Biodiversity in the Bratsk Forest Management Unit in Irkutsk Region

V. Popov (Baikal Center for Field Research “Wild Nature of Asia”), O. Vinkovskaya (Institute for Natural Resource Management for the Irkutsk State Agrarian University), S. Vershinina (Irkutsk National Research State University), A. Timoshenko (Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology for the Irkutsk Region), A. Suslov (Irkutsk Regional Local History Museum)

To be remembered

Nikolay Anuchin (1903–1984)

V. Teplyakov



New publications

Practices for Birds of Prey Conservation during Logging in the Archangelsk Region

Scoring for Environmental Data Transparency of Pulp and Paper Companies of the Russian Forest Sector 2017