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Премия рунета 2017

Sustainable Forestry 66 (2) 2021

Comments of an Ordinary Forest Expert on the Strategy for Forest Complex Development in the Russian Federation till 2030

A. Yu. Frantsuzov

Innovative Method of Intensive Reforestation of Oak Stands in the Forest-Step Region

V. V. Chebotareva, P. A. Chebotarev, V. G. Storozhenko, Institute for Forest Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Preliminary Assessment of Adverse Effect by Corythucha arcuate, a Quarantine Pest on Oak Stands of the Western Caucasus

А. R. Bibin, Institute of Mountain Territories Ecology Named after А. К. Tembotov of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Е. А. Grabenko, Institute for Geography of the Ruiisan Academy of Sciences

Selection of Thermophilic Forests in the Russian Eastern Caucasus (the Republic of Dagestan) Using Satellite Data

V. E. Skvortsov, the Moscow State University Named by after М. V. Lomonosov; N. V. Rogova, Working Group on Wild Geese of Northern Eurasia

First Steps of a Logging Enterprise towards Intensive Forest Management

А. V. Markovsky, А. V. Rodionov, Forest Territory LLC

Intensive Forest management: a learned lesson

Е. V. Shorokhova, Forest Institute of the Karelian Sciences Center for the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg State Forest Engineering Academy Named after S. M. Kirov, Finnish Institute of Natural Resources (LUKE)

Soviet Forest Industry at the First Soviet Five Year Plans: history rows analysis

I. V. Zukin, Technological Institute of the National Research Nuclear University of Moscow Engineering Physics Institute