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Премия рунета 2017

Sustainable Forestry, №3 (40), 2014

Forest policy in modern Russia

Allowable annual cut as the main enemy of a forester

A. Yaroshenko, Greenpeace Russia

A new approach to the calculation of allowable annual cut

V. Golubev, A. Zarodov, A. Korosov, Interregional public organization «Northern Conservation Coalition»

Sustainable forest exploitation vs. allowable annual cut

K. Kobyakov, Russian office of WWF

What do we know about ecological exploitability?

N. Debkov, National Research Tomsk State University

The results of the verification of WWF rating of state forest management in the regions of Russian Federation

R. Verin, Ltd “NEPcon”, N. Smatkov, Russian office of WWF

Forest certification

Assessment of the attitude and motivation of forest companies in northwest Russia towards the voluntary forest certification

M. Trishkin, E. Lopatin, T. Karjalainen, University of Eastern Finland

Professional education

WWF manuals in Saratov State Vavilov Agrarian University

D. Eskov, S. Kabanov, N. Kitsaeva, Saratov State Vavilov Agrarian University


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  • Cedar forests on the south of the West Siberian Plain: its’ history, current state and recommendations for sustainable forest management (in Tomsk region as an example)
  • Altai cedar forests in danger: conservation and exploitation issues, recommendations for sustainable forest management
  • Guidelines for the Conservation of Biodiversity during the wood procurement in Volgograd region
  • Guidelines for the allocation and conservation of forests of a great social and cultural significance
  • Unified guidance to identify high conservation values. HCV Resource Network