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Премия рунета 2017

Sustainable Forestry, №3 (55) 2018

Forest Policy for Modern Russia

Position of WWF on FSC Voluntary Forest Certification

Some Reasons behind Crisis in the Russian Forest Sector and Solutions

E. Shvarts, N. Shmatkov and K. Kobyakov (WWF Russia), A. Rodionov (Petrozavodsk State University), A. Yaroshenko (Greenpeace Russia)

Forest and climate

The Exceptional Values of Intact Forest Ecosystems. Review of the article

Watson, James E. M.; Evans, Tom; Venter, Oscar; Williams, Brooke; Tulloch, Ayesha; Stewart, Claire; Thompson, Ian; Ray, Justina C.; Murray, Kris; Salazar, Alvaro ... Watson, James E. M., Evans, Tom, Venter, Oscar, Williams, Brooke, Tulloch, Ayesha, Stewart, Claire, Thompson, Ian, Ray, Justina C., Murray, Kris, Salazar, Alvaro, McAlpine, Clive, Potapov, Peter, Walston, Joe, Robinson, John G., Painter, Michael, Wilkie, David, Filardi, Christopher, Laurance, William F., Houghton, Richard A., Maxwell, Sean, Grantham, Hedley, Samper, Cristián, Wang, Stephanie, Laestadius, Lars, Runting, Rebecca K. et al.

Declaration on Preservation of Intact Forests in XXI Century

Business and Sustainable Forest Management

Proposal of Environmental Requirements for Quality and Technical Characteristics of Some Forest products to be Applied in State and Municipal Procurements

A. Ptichnikov (FSC Russia, Institute for Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences), N. Raichenko (All-Russia Research Institute for Forest Management), A. Voropaev (WWF Russia, Institute for Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

Introduction to Legality Timber Origin Verification System in China

Forest Certification

Round Table on Social Aspects of FSC Certification

To be remembered

Pavel Spesivtsev (1866-1938)

V. Teplyakov

New publications

Salvage Logging in Siberia: validation of use Precommersial Thinnings: how to establish a forest management enterprise