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Sustainable Forestry 62 (3) 2020

Address of the Editor-in-Chief to Readers


Planting Trees the Right Way

W. Baldwin-Cantello, WWF Global Forest Practice

Industrialization of Reforestation Needs New Legal and Economic Framework

Prof. A. Petrov

Proposals to the Section “Reforestation” of the New Draft Strategy for the Forest Sector Development till 2030

N. Shmatkov, FSC Russia

Thinnings at Forested Agricultural Lands

А. Markovsky, А. Rodionov, “Forest Territory” enterprise

Focuses for Implementation of Forest Potential of Regions of Russia: effectiveness and sustainable development

S. Makar, Financial University for the Government of the Russian Federation

Summary of State of World’s Forests Report – 2020 by FAO

J. Burnysheva, FSC Russia

Arson, Mischief and Recklessness: 87 per cent of fires are man-made

P. Read, Monash University

Looking for Finland’s Future in its Forests

S. Lemonick

Forest and Climate

Forests as an Action Center to Prevent the Global Climate Change

W. Baldwin-Cantello, WWF Global Forest Practice


Assessment of Selective Sanitary Logging in Siberian Pine Stands in Khakasiya

N. Debkov

Assessment of Siberian Pine Stands in the Teletskoe Lake Watershed

N. Debkov; D. Kuzmenkin, State Nature Reserve “Tigireksky”; А. Gribkov, non-government group on public monitoring of environment and forests for the “People’s Front “For Russia” in the Altay Kray; А. Shur, “Ecological Potential”


FSC and Sounds of Tropical Forest: research shows wildlife thrives in FSC-certified forests in Peruvian Amazon

H. Khan, WWF Global Forest Practice; C. Colorado, WWF Peru

Mjosa Tower – the Tallest Wooden Building in the World

R. Abrakhansmen, “Moelven Limtre”; О. Elgsaas

Systems of Voluntary Certification for Responsible Metals and Minerals Mining: lessons learned from FSC

А. Ptichnikov, Е. Shvarts, Institute for Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences

New publication

The poster “Vulnerable Wooden Endemics of Caucasus”