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Премия рунета 2017

Sustainable Forestry 67 (3) 2021

Forest Policy for Modern Russia

From Planting of Trees to Forest Landscapes Regeneration

D. Lugovaya, WWF Russia

Forest and Climate

WWF Russia Position Paper on Forest Carbon Projects

Forest Certification

Rare Forest Ecosystems of the Perm Region. Forest Assessment Criteria Analysis

S. Ovesnov, E. Efimik, M. Rogozin, Perm State National Research University

Methodology for Selection of HCV 3 “Conifer (spruce, spruce and fir) Old-Growth Forests with Nemoral Herbal Species (spruce and fir forests)” in the Komi Republic

Yu. Pautov, A. Borovlev, Silver Taiga Foundation; A. Zagidullina, St. Petersburg State University; E. Titov, Tekhkarta LLC

Risk Assessment of Penetration of Timber Logged Illegaly under the Cover of Salvage Logging into FSC certified Chains of Custody

N. Debkov, independed expert

Business and Sustainable Forest Management

Landscape-Ecological Justification of Sustainable Forest Management on Example of a Part of the Tikhvin Forest Management Unit in the Leningrad Region

А. Khoroshev, Moscow State University named after Lomonosov

FSC Russia Award “Green Project of the Year — 2021” Evaluated Input of Projects into UN Sustainable Development Goals Implementation and Development of Sustainable Forest Management in Russia

L. Kamaeva, Yu. Burnisheva, N. Shmatkov, FSC Russia

New Publications

Non-Timber Forest Products of Caucasian Forests