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Премия рунета 2017

Sustainable Forestry, №4 (52) 2017

Forest Policy for Modern Russia

Ranking of Forest Sites in Russia based on the Possibility of Intensive Forestry Practices Implementation

E. Lopatin, Dr. Agr. Sc. (Finland), Cand. Agr. Sc. (Russia), leading researcher of the Syktyvkar State University n. a. Pitirim Sorokin, leading researcher of the Institute of Natural Resources of Finland, scientific supervisor of Project

The Russian Caucasus Intact Forest Landscapes Analysis

E. Cherkasova, WWF-Russia; D. Lipilin, Cand. Geogr. Sc., Kuban State University; L. Shagarov, Cand. Geogr. Sc., Natural Ornithological Park in the Imereti Lowland

Inventory of Buxus Colchica Habitats and Populations as Potential HCV Sites at Southern Macroslope of the Northwest Caucasus under Cydalima Perspectalis Continuous Invasion

V. Shchurov, Cand. Biol. Sc., M. Skvortsov, K. Radchenko, A. Semenov, E. Zhukov, Cand. Biol. Sc., A. Shchurova, «Centre of Forest Health of Krasnodar Region», branch of The Federal Budget Institution «Russian Centre of Forest Health»

Forest Certification

Inventory of Castanea Areas on the Territory of the Republic of Adygea: Allocation of High Conservation Value Forest Sites Featuring Castanea Sativa

N. Alentyev, Cand. Agr. Sc., E. Volobuyeva, Cand. Agr. Sc., N. Nikishina, R. Burchan, I. Rubtsova, E. Fomicheva, «Centre of Forest Health of the Republic of Adygea», branch of The Federal Budget Institution «Russian Centre of Forest Health»

Business and Sustainable Forest Management

The Field Tour «Efficient and Sustainable Forestry: Finland – Russia»

Sustainable Forestry – a Dialogue between Canada, Russia and Other Countries: Review of FSC General Assembly 2017 and Interview with Participants of the Field Tour

To Be Remembered

Pavel Vladimirovich Otozky (1866–1954)

V. Teplyakov, Cand. Agr. Sc., Assoc. Prof.

New publications

Guidelines for Orchids Conservation during Logging in Arkhangelsk Region