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Boreal forest platform

The Boreal Forest Platform is a participatory platform which was developed to promote open dialogue and the exchange of experience amongst peers and professionals in the field of sustainable forestry. Launched in spring 2015 the Platform turned to be the fast-growth international initiative unites leading forest companies (Ilim Group, Mondi, Stora Enso, Segezha Group, International Paper, etc.), scientific community (Saint Petersburg Forestry Research Institute, Luke — Natural Resources Institute Finland, etc.), non-governmental organizations (FSC-Russia, WWF, The Silver Taiga Foundation for Sustainable Development, etc.) and forest authorities (The Ministry for the Environment and Ecology of the Republic of Karelia, The Department of Timber Complex of the Vologda Oblast, The Ministry of Industry and Natural Resources, Energy and Transport of the Komi Republic, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Altaiski Krai, Forestry Administration of Adygea, Ministry of Forestry of the Krasnoyarsk Region, etc.).

The Platform members discuss the transition to intensive sustainable forestry in Russia, share their experience, attend field tours organized in cooperation with leading Russian forest companies implementing best forest practices, negotiate forest and environmental requirements.

The transition to more intensive sustainable forestry, the necessity of which is recognized at the level of the Government of the Russian Federation and which serves as the basis of the forest policy in Russia is aimed at improving the efficiency of use of forest land, obtaining higher profits from forestry, and providing sustainable forest management in the most productive forests that will ensure sustainable raw material supplies to the forest industry. The effects of intensive forestry in developed forests will preserve intact forest landscapes, protective and other valuable forests.

The Boreal Forest Platform enables:

  • to participate in the discussions, workshops and field tours to share best practices in intensive sustainable forestry;
  • to share and to discuss experience and implemented practices of sustainable forest management with other forest companies and industry experts;
  • to gain informational support and help with the search of expert advisers and partners to implement intensive forest management practices in business process;
  • to take an active part in forming of industry opinion on intensive sustainable forestry extension in Russia;
  • to contribute to the discussion and making of amendments to the regulatory system that allow
  • to initiate and support research and practice projects on evolvement of intensive sustainable forestry;
  • to show environmental and social achievements of the company.

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