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Премия рунета 2017

Public council

The Public Council under the Federal Forestry Agency (FFA) is a consultative and advisory body of public control in the sphere of forest relations. It is a very important tool of negotiations with forest authoritis. The Public Council includes representatives of scientific and public organizations, the forest business. During past years, WWF-Russia's experts participated in Public Council under FFA or in its Expert Council, taking an active part and initiating discussion of key issues of sustainable forestry, so that lately they were successfully solved. 

To search for ways of solving the pressing problems of forestry, the Public Council discusses the following environmentally and socially crucial issues:

  • forestry intensification;
  • prevention and suppression of forest fires;
  • legal mechanisms of public participation in forest management;
  • ensuring the openness of data on forests;
  • national forest heritage (selection and conservation of forests that are not subject to logging);
  • execution by the regional authorities of the Russian Federation of the powers transferred to them by the FFA in the field of forest relations.

According to the Regulations on Public Council under the Federal Forestry Agency, the members of the Public Council have the right to:

  • lead commissions and working groups formed by the Public Council;
  • meet with the addresses of citizens concerning the violation of their rights, freedoms and legitimate interests, as well as with the results of considerations of such appeals;
  • request reporting on the implementation of the recommendations of the Public Council to the Federal Forestry Agency;
  • support the FFA in the development of strategic documents in the field of forestry.