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Movie «I Choose Forest»

Movie «I Choose Forest»

On 11th of February 2013 in the cinema «35 MM» WWF-Russia presented the film «I Choose Forest».

The film title is the same as career choice made by Artem Tishkov, freshmore of Moscow State Forest University who was a key «star» in WWF-Russia film about importance and versatility of forest sector professions.

The film is based on a real story. Artem visited the leading Russian forest companies implementing sustainable forest management practices.

The film was produced with the support of «WWF-IKEA Partnership on Forests» project.

Length: 39 minutes, HD

Director — Georgy Molodtsov

Camera — Sergey Amirdzhanov

Producer — Denis Danin

Sound — Elena Petrosyan

Music — Yuri Negrebitsky

Produced by Artman Group.