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What we do
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WWF-Russia conducts comprehensive educational and eco-educational work. With our help, forest sector, forest management decision making bodies, customs and authorities who deal with forest-related issues, forestry, transportation and export-import operations with timber, become experts in the field of sustainable forest management.

WWF-Russia organizes round tables, workshops and trainings for forestry experts working for companies and forest management authorities, students and professors of forest universities.

The scope of our educational publications and activities cover all the main aspects of WWF-Russia Forest Program on High Conservation Value Forests (HCVF), voluntary forest certification standards under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) scheme, illegal logging prevention, forest and climate agenda, the Russian forest legislation, ecoratings.

Since 2003 WWF-Russia publishes Sustainable Forestry Magazine which is well known among forest sector professionals and enthusiasts.

Through the work with the universities, a curriculum of «Basics of Sustainable Forest Management» was drafted, which is used in many universities to train forest profile specialists. It is also useful for lecturers in school forestry clubs, colleges and technical schools, representatives of forest management authorities, NGOs and responsible forest businesses. In December 2009 WWF-Russia published a new textbook Basics of Sustainable Forest Management, which is covering sustainable forest management in the context of its ecological, economic and social aspects as well as analysis of government regulation of forestry from the perspective of sustainable country development. Second revised and enlarged edition of the book and Activity book were published by WWF-Russia in 2014.

In 2011 WWF-Russia together with FSC Russia published a textbook Voluntary Forest Certification which is covering the history of voluntary forest certification development and its current status, methodologies and procedures, principles and criteria used for certification of forest management and chains of custody.

Most of our publications are intended to the broad audience, including school and university students and everyone interested in modern forestry issues.

In 2016 in 1st All-Russian Sustainable Forest Management Student Olympiad organized by WWF-Russia, the Federal Agency for Forestry and forest universities took part over 1000 students from 17 Russian universities.