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Премия рунета 2017

Movie «To See the Forest»

Movie «To See the Forest»

WWF-Russia presents movie «To See the Forest», about a unique area between the Northern Dvina and Pinega rivers in Arkhangelsk Oblast.

Millennial relic forest is under threat of distinction. At a rapid pace, loggers cut down one of the last intact forest landscapes (pristine woodland) in Europe, an area of enormous environmental value. The remaining wild taiga have become a zone of collision of environmental, economic and social interests.

The film explains why these forests should not be destroyed these forests. The value of the area is described by an environmental expert Andrey Shegolev (WWF-Russia) and a local resident, a hunter from Kushkopala Victor Khudyakov.

Length: 6 min

Script: Andrey Shegolev, Anna Porokhova, Anna Antonova

Photography director: Artem Kirilkin

Film editor: Anna Antonova

Color correction: German Polozov

The film was sponsored by MGTS (Moscow city telephone network).

Learn more about WWF-Russia forest conservation in the Dvina-Pinega interfluve area.

© Andrey Shegolev \ WWF-Russia
© Tatyana Hakimulina
© Tatyana Hakimulina
© Tatyana Hakimulina