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Премия рунета 2017


Stats of final score in the ranking by years

2022 year
Score average
Points calculated based on data from the previous year

The rating is calculated for each of three areas: management (Section «Environmental management), operational (Section «Environmental impact»), informational (Section «Information disclosure»).

Environmental Management

Average company section score in 2022: — (Industry average: )

Показатели компании
Среднеотраслевые показатели
Availability of quantitative performance indicators in the environmental management system (EMS) (according to ISO 14001/ GOST R ISO 14001 or others)
The Company's environmental policy (or other documents approved by the Company) contain:
Documented information on engagement with local communities leading traditional way of life (for example, indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North)
Energy Efficiency Program
Biodiversity conservation programs for the regions where the company operates contain the following components:
Dredging mine development practiced by the company in riverbeds, floodplains and periodically flooded upland fringes
Voluntary insurance of environmental risks
Accounting of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions and results disclosure
Production and environmental monitoring of subcontractors’ activities

Environmental impact

Average company section score in 2022: — (Industry average: )

Показатели компании
Среднеотраслевые показатели
Specific emissions of SO2 into the atmosphere
Specific emissions of NOx into the atmosphere
Specific emissions of Solid Suspended Particles
Specific greenhouse gas emissions
Specific water consumption for the company's own needs
Percentage of disposed and decontaminated wastes (class 1–4)
The share of recycled and decontaminated wastes (tailings, overburden rock excluded)
Rate of accidents with negative environment consequences
Proportion of excess charges in the total amount of payments for adverse environmental impact
Recycling water consumption (%)
Operational activities (study of reserves, mining, primary processing and related infrastructure) in ecologically sensitive areas: SPN, Ramsar wetlands, Key ornithological territories of Russia (KOTR)
Generating electric energy from renewable energy sources (RES*), including for the company's own needs
Specific volume of polluted untreated water discharged to surface water bodies or surrounding land
Effluents treated to standard quality, % of total water discharged
Ratio of utilized mining waste volume
Disturbed land area ratio for the end to the beginning of the reporting year

Information disclosure

Average company section score in 2022: — (Industry average: )

Показатели компании
Среднеотраслевые показатели
Availability of non-financial reporting in the field of sustainable development or an environmental report in accordance with the requirements of international organizations (such as GRI or ICMM)
Third-party confirmation (verification) of non-financial statements
Public access to documentation on environmental impact assessment (e.g. EIA) , with EIA being also available online after public consultation
Emergency Response Plans (with regard to environmental impact) and / or similar documents on preparedness for emergency response (for example, for hydraulic structures) available in the public domain
Informing the public (through the company website) about emergiencies/accidents with significant (arousing loud public discussions*) social and environmental impact**, including those caused by contractor activities
Informing the public (through the company website) of enviroment-related conflicts*** and actions aimed at resolving them in the territories of the company's presence, including the activities of the company's contractors
Established procedure in place for processing public complaints
Availability of a Program for Reclamation of Disturbed Land in public domain
Public availability of criteria 1-8 of Section 1 for the reporting period
Public availability of criteria 1- 15 of Section 2 for the reporting period
Local Community Council formed from local (including traditional) population