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Премия рунета 2017


The Polymetal Company has started a public discussion of the materials of the environmental impact assessment of the project for the development of the Kutyn deposit in the Khabarovsk Region of the Far Eastern Federal District:

  • Surface Mining at the Kutyn Deposit. Phase 1. Mining Transport.
  • Construction of a Mining and Processing Complex at the Kutyn Deposit.
The planned economic activity will be carried out in the Tuguro-Chumikan Municipal District of the Khabarovsk Region, 26 km to the east of the Tugur village, on the isthmus between the Tugur and Ulban bays, 10 km off the coast of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. Being an integral part of the high-priority Amur Ecoregion, this district is of great significance to WWF-Russia, as well as to regional authorities, scientific and environmental organizations, local administrations, and other interested parties, in terms of biodiversity conservation.

In light of the planned economic activities inherent to the projects Mining and Processing Complex at the Kutyn Deposit (link in Russian) and Surface Mining at the Kutyn Deposit. Phase 1. Mining Transport. (link in Russian), the Khabarovsk regional department of the All-Russian public organization All-Russian Society for the Conservation of Nature and the Amur branch of the World Wide Fund for Nature have conducted a public environmental expert review (PEER) of the project documentation for these projects on the basis of Federal Law No. 174-FZ of November 23, 1995.

Working materials on the project (the EIA, etc.), as well as the results of public discussions and public environmental assessments, will be published in chronological order in this section of the WWF-Russia website.

Since the information about the timeline of the state environmental impact assessment was suppressed and the project materials were not provided in due time by the customer, the state environmental impact assessment was carried out without taking into account the conclusion of the public environmental impact assessment. The press release on this situation is available in both Russian and English.

The Marine Mammals Council also expressed its concern (link in Russian) about the plans of Kutynskaya GGK LLC to develop the Kutynskoye field on the western coast of the Sea of Okhotsk.