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The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an independent, non-profit international organization whose mission is to preserve fish stocks for future generations and ensure viability of marine ecosystems. In a relatively short period of its existence, MSC has won support and recognition from more than 100 major producers and buyers of fish products, associations and environmental organizations.

Any fishery enterprises can participate in the certification program offered by MSC, regardless of the scale of their activities, the way they are fishing, locating, etc. The MSC program is implemented on a voluntary basis, it is not an obligatory legislative measure implemented by the government.

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MSC entitles a manufacturing company to label its products with the MSC logo for a responsible approach to the exploitation of marine bioresources. This marking or trademark indicates that these products are caught and processed in full compliance with environmental standards and by selecting certified products, the buyer supports fish stocks’ reproduction.

MSC has offices in Seattle, London and Sydney, it is possible to select the audit firm through WWF and MSC offices.

MSC activities are supported by many charity organizations, foundations, companies and individuals, whose list can be found on the MSC website: www.msc.org.